Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello to all, including Carol at Quarading and lots of other feltmakers out there.

Haven't added anything for a while....been quite busy with life, work, and holidays. The holidays were for a short while in New Zealand. Such a lovely place, lots of green everywhere. Not enough time was spent there, and it was a real shame that I could not get to see everything that I wanted to see. But when one is travelling with another person, one has to consider them also, and not just plan the whole trip for one's own satisfaction. This is a shot of a Maori dance that we saw when we went to a Hungi one night. They even got some of us up to participate in the dancing at one stage. I enjoyed it, and I guess by the reaction of the rest of the crowd, so did they.

Got rid of my old bomb of a car the other week.....well, I still have it, but it is just as good as sold......and I bought a brand new set of wheels. Luxury for me, I got a Toyota Carolla Utima. Got the smaller car as it fits better in the carport at my unit that I live in. Love driving it, so I'm out in it more than I am home doing some feltmaking at present. Tomorrow I plan to make a trip to Busselton to visit my daughter and grandkids, plus a few other friends, as I get a day off during my hectic work schedule. No working from 9-5 for this girl, and sometimes I wish I did have such a job. Could plan things more easily that way.