Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long time between posts

It has been a long time since the last time I posted anything on this blog.....been busy at work and other things.

Summer is here and it has come with a vengeance. We are experiencing a little bit of a heat wave here and I find that with no air conditioning in the house, it gets a little stuffy and I am unable to do any feltmaking without a constant drip of perspiration from the brow. Breezes outside make it impossible to take the work out to the shade house on the back lawn, so I just have to grit my teeth and do no felting in the mean time.
I did however finish off the wall hanging that I made for my neice Sarah, who was getting married in November. She has not said however, if she liked it, so I guess I will just have to wait until she mentions it.
Even though I went to New Zealand in October, I am getting those dreaded itchy feet again. I will have to curb my spending and save once more for another trip. I would have liked to put my name down to go to the Denmark Felting Conference in June/or is it July of this year, but so far, upon me looking that one up, all the places had been taken. As I am located here in Austalia, and because I have to work, and therefore apply for leave, I cannot just take pot luck and put my name of a waiting list in the hope that it may come up with a vacancy for me. It would be lovely to spend some of the summer in Europe this year.
So, to console myself, I will be taking a few days off work this month, and taking a week over at Rottnest Island with my Grandson Joseph. We plan to do a lot of snorkelling, bike riding and exploring of the island. I will take a lot of photos and post them the next time I write.
Christmas this year was delightful.....a big change from previous times. When I was a child living in the countrside, we as a family used to take a packed up picnic lunch of all the goodies that we were deprived of during the year, and head out bush.....and enjoyed the scenery when we ate our cold christmas dinner. This year, it was kind of similar. We packed up a picnic lunch into the eskys, along with the cold drinks and ice, took swimming bathers with us, cameras and fold up chairs, and headed down to Canebrake, which is a nice spot not far from Chapman Hill, south east of Busselton, Western Australia. There were a fair swag of us that went, including my two teen aged grandchildren and three children of a friend of my daughters, along with parents, inlaws, etc. We ate plenty of dust on the way out there, as the sealed road ended before out trip out there did. Food was delicious, company was great and the scenery was exceptional. Kids all got to swim in the lagoon there, as it was quite a warm pleasant day, and they all had fun also. We marvelled at the plants that were out in flower, the marron in the lagoon, and the current of the water that was in the lagoon. The photos are taken of the day.
I was lucky to have had the 3 days off over Chrissy, so was able to make the drive down to Busselton with my parents in tow. Since then I worked over the new year's break, so that made up for the time I had off.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy, Prosperous and Adventurous New Year. May all your resolutions be fullfilled and that the ensueing year is one of contentment to you all.