Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Into Autumn already

Now that we are in March, the weather is starting to cool on some of the days. Still hot though, but not as hot as last month. I think that Summer will still go out with a bang and let us know again before March finishes, that it was hot.

I vowed and declared that I was going to get some feltmaking done over the five days that I had off last week, but the garden was also singing its sweet "come hither" song to me, and I was seduced by it. Ended up spending all the spare time out in it and not getting any felt made. I moved pots around, as the maintenance man of the units had previously been in to repaint all the gutterings, fascias and doors and downpipes, so had to get them all out of the way. And also put them back and give the yard a big clean up, fertilise and whatever cutting back that it needed. Not a lot of weeds, as I keep it mulched and that takes care of that little problem.
Last month, I went to a class to learn a bit about Machine embroidery on my felt, as I would like to embellish it with that as well. I had previously purchased a new Toyota sewing machine. Well......the machine played up quite a lot, making a lot of horrible noises and ended up not being able to use it. I took it into the repair shop for a service and a bit of a look at it, and I got it back during the 5 days off work. Still haven't been able to find the time to have a play with it, but I must confess, I did go and buy another machine cause I could not wait to try out what I had learned. I got a Bernette this time, and so far, so good. Still got a lot of practice to put in before I go and try to do something on my good pieces of felt. I hope that my work roster will allow for that to happen.
With a lot of the economic downturn affecting all businesses, ours is not left out, and we find that we have a lot of redundencies in our company. I have been assured that my job is secure, but I think that is only because some people are leaving also due to finding other employment here and there, and we are expected to take up the slack. Won't give us a pay rise though.
Looking forward to April, when I just may have to take a few days off work, as a very lovely friend will be home from working overseas, be it only just for a short while. I want to be able to take advantage of that time to spend a lot of it together, as it will be another long stretch for him to be away again after that.
This year, my sympathies lie with three of my dear felting friends, who have all lost their husbands in late January. Dawn lost Laurie to the dreaded big C after he had a long ongoing battle. Carol lost Allan to a heart attack suddenly, and Meg also lost Jules to a Coronary. My thoughts are still with them all, and hope they adjust to life quickly without their mates.
Am heading into a couple of days off work, so may even get some felt making done this time. Hope so anyway.
Bye for now
Happy feltmaking everyone

During the last week of January, the school summer holidays, I took my grandson Joseph to Rottnest Island, which is just off the Coast of Western Australia from Fremantle. We had 3 days over there, and enjoyed it thoroughly. We went bike riding around the island, on hired pushbikes. Snorkelling in the lovely waters, and a lot of walking, eating, sightseeing and swimming, with a little bit of sleeping in between. Very hot over there, but first couple of days were overcast and a little windy. But we managed to not let that spoil the time. I think he loved it over there. I would like very much to go back.