Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello All

Each time I want to post to my blog, I go through a mad panic and search for my password, which I have to confess, I forget. Eventually I find it, and then I forget the content of the blog which I had in my mind to publicise. Oh well, they say that age is related to this type of thing happening, but it has been happening to me forever....perhaps I was born old.

Looking around in my garden in the middle of winter, I find that a lot of my bulbs have begun to flower. This is not meant to happen just yet.....they will be finished by the time spring is here, and I did not want that. I will have to go out and buy more bulb to plant just so that I can have a spring display. Mind you, some of the native species in the garden are flowering also. It may just be that we have had some mild weather in between all the cold days and nights, and the rain has not been as prevelant as it should have been at this time of the year. It just seems that one remembers the cold cold nights more than the reasonable ones. I don't seem to be able to tolerate the cold any more now, like I used to be able to. I just have to remember that a lot of people in the world have to endure a lot worse than I do in their winters. At least we do not have sub zero temperatures any more than once or twice during a winter, where I live.

Making more felt.......completed a handbag, but still needs a little more embellishment before I am satisfied. I made another large piece of felt, maybe I will cut it up and stitch it into something else. That also needs embellishment.

My workroom space seems a lot does get crowded in there. Maybe I should start to re-organise it, cut down on things that I have not used for a long time, and stop buying more wool until I use up what I have. But, that is telling me not to breath, almost. I will have withdrawal symptoms.

I have yet to start on my FeltUnited piece.......just have not got the inspiration yet as to what form it will take. Have to mull that one over for a few more days.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cold Winter Nights

Hello Fellow Bloggers

These cold winter nights seem to keep me awake. Too cold for sleeping, too cold for Feltmaking, although I have been trying both of those tonight.
Before I went to bed, I got into the Studio Craft Room and worked on two scarves, before I quit because of the cold in there. I am not sure that it is at all safe to have a heater in there with all of the fabric and wool around. It is rather crowded in there at the moment, because it also has an extra item of furniture in there - my Cornish Reed Organ - which I would like to sell. Does not seem there is anyone out there that needs one of them, so it has to live in there now and not out in the garage, where it was, as there is no room in the little unit that I live in. Such a is the most beautiful piece of antique furniture too.
I created a couple of scarves, but as yet, they are not ready for the camera, so that will have to wait for the next post.......Not at all sure that I like them this time, but they may grow on me. I can always give them away as gifts.
The photos on this page are of a couple of vessels that I made. Not being a very good photographer of still life, with a whole lot more to learn about photography, I hope you can appreciate them. I have a lot more in my head which are hoping to find their way out and in tangible form, so tomorrow I plan to put aside the scarves and start on some more vessels. Once I have a heap, it may be off to the markets to see what happens.
And now, because it is the early hours of the cold cold morning, I am going to try once more to get some sleep.
from Western Australia

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gorgeous blog owners

I often look at other blogs....those of other feltmakers and fibre artists, and wonder how I could emulate them. I seem to be working all the time now, and that does not leave a whole lot of time for Feltmaking.

I did, however, attend a meeting of a local Feltmaking Group that I belong to in the South West, and upon seeing all the lovely felt made by these people, I have resolved to do more myself. It is the weather for it, and with the Autumn and the coming Winter, it makes me feel as though I am more enthusiastic about it all. I have lots of ideas brimming and swimming around in my overloaded brain, that I do not know where to start. Perhaps I should get down to tin tacks and write down a plan of action. Then I could go ahead and manage the time well and not procrastinate.

I have several wall hangings felted and ready for me to do the machine embroidery on them. Perhaps that is where I should start. But, I love the making of the felt more than the machine work. Finishing a piece has never been a stong point of mine, so perhaps I should turn over a new leaf, and just get them done.

In the meantime, I have a project in mind. A pair of nice warm boots for each my brother and my very good close friend, who has also requested a pair. That means two pairs so I will have to source some stronger wool for the projects, as all I have is mainly Merino.

Well, off to do some designing........................


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Autumn is here! Favourite time of the year.

Autumn is indeed a favourite time of the year for me. Besides it bringing in the cooler weather at night, allowing it to be easier to sleep, it can be really pleasant during the day, with the warmth still around. We see colours in the garden that are not there in the Spring or Summer, and it is very pleasant to be able to do the planting in the garden to accommodate the Spring.

The cooler time of the year means that it is more conjusive to making a bit of felt too, that is, if one has time. I am a working girls now, so time is hard to come by.

Bunbury Felters in Bunbury, which is only 50kms from Busselton, my home town, is hosting the Southern Hemisphere Feltmaker's Convergence in 2011. I am very excited about the prospect. Right now, we are in the process of calling for Tutors etc. The convergence usually lasts a week and it will be held during School holidays. I am really excited about it being so close. Now I can go, but I will have to make my application very very soon, to ensure a place.

I have decided that because I have plenty of notice this time, I will participate in the FeltUnited project for the year. Colour themes are Yellow/green/blue. Just have to remember to get something nice planned. Blue is not a colour that I used in anything a lot, so it will be hard for me to imagine something with it.

Time to put this post to bed and get on with other things.