Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cold Winter Nights

Hello Fellow Bloggers

These cold winter nights seem to keep me awake. Too cold for sleeping, too cold for Feltmaking, although I have been trying both of those tonight.
Before I went to bed, I got into the Studio Craft Room and worked on two scarves, before I quit because of the cold in there. I am not sure that it is at all safe to have a heater in there with all of the fabric and wool around. It is rather crowded in there at the moment, because it also has an extra item of furniture in there - my Cornish Reed Organ - which I would like to sell. Does not seem there is anyone out there that needs one of them, so it has to live in there now and not out in the garage, where it was, as there is no room in the little unit that I live in. Such a is the most beautiful piece of antique furniture too.
I created a couple of scarves, but as yet, they are not ready for the camera, so that will have to wait for the next post.......Not at all sure that I like them this time, but they may grow on me. I can always give them away as gifts.
The photos on this page are of a couple of vessels that I made. Not being a very good photographer of still life, with a whole lot more to learn about photography, I hope you can appreciate them. I have a lot more in my head which are hoping to find their way out and in tangible form, so tomorrow I plan to put aside the scarves and start on some more vessels. Once I have a heap, it may be off to the markets to see what happens.
And now, because it is the early hours of the cold cold morning, I am going to try once more to get some sleep.
from Western Australia

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Joan Kirton said...

Hi Julie, Thought I would say hello after your visit to my blog. The vessels are absolutely inspiring. I just have to see more.