Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Autumn is here! Favourite time of the year.

Autumn is indeed a favourite time of the year for me. Besides it bringing in the cooler weather at night, allowing it to be easier to sleep, it can be really pleasant during the day, with the warmth still around. We see colours in the garden that are not there in the Spring or Summer, and it is very pleasant to be able to do the planting in the garden to accommodate the Spring.

The cooler time of the year means that it is more conjusive to making a bit of felt too, that is, if one has time. I am a working girls now, so time is hard to come by.

Bunbury Felters in Bunbury, which is only 50kms from Busselton, my home town, is hosting the Southern Hemisphere Feltmaker's Convergence in 2011. I am very excited about the prospect. Right now, we are in the process of calling for Tutors etc. The convergence usually lasts a week and it will be held during School holidays. I am really excited about it being so close. Now I can go, but I will have to make my application very very soon, to ensure a place.

I have decided that because I have plenty of notice this time, I will participate in the FeltUnited project for the year. Colour themes are Yellow/green/blue. Just have to remember to get something nice planned. Blue is not a colour that I used in anything a lot, so it will be hard for me to imagine something with it.

Time to put this post to bed and get on with other things.

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Molly said...

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