Thursday, July 23, 2009

For several years, I have been carting around with me, a rather large suitcase full of photos that were taken of me, my family and the endless trips overseas that I have taken. One trip that I went on to Europe, I did not have a digital camera, but a conventional camera, and I shot over sixteen rolls of film. These photos were then developed and for some reason or another, I never did get to catalogue them or even mark them. So, I have decided that I must do it, and soon. I was astute enough, I think to write a notebook and keep it with the photos all numbered in the packets, so that I could distinguish them again one day.

My daughter helped me sort them out, and we did have a jolly time throwing out the blurred photos, the photos that just did not come out right, and also have a section of photos for reprinting, as she cannot do without some of them herself.

The question that I ask myself is I want to cart around this suitcase full of albums, or should I just scan them, catalogue them and put them all on disk and get rid of all the hard copies. That way, I would save a lot of room. Or should I keep them all, get some nicer albums for them and continue to shove them into whatever space I can find for them.

Different parts of my life are well documented, whilst others are not. I am at a loss as to why there are gaps. Perhaps it is just because we get too busy to document our lives with visual records at different times. But we have the memories, be they good or not so good.

Over the past few years, all my photos were taken by digital camera, and then stored on disks, so I am thinking that I should really change to having them all with the space saving devices. It certainly would cut down on the clutter.

I have even found in my hard copies of photos, a lot of documenting of earlier felting days and other events when I was first learning about the art. People in these photos I remember and I have not seen for years, and looking at them brings back happy thoughts of the times and fellowship that we all shared at the Retreats attended, and even of smaller demonstrations and shows.

Previously I was a full time worker, but now I have secured a much easier and less demanding part time job, which will keep me happy because it will allow me the time that I need to persue all the many other interests in my daily life. I can now attack my Feltmaking once more, with a fervour that I have not been able to when working and travelling to that workplace for the total of a twelve hour stint per day. When coupled with time out to relax and time for sleeping, plus all the other necessary demands on time, one did not have much time at all for the passion. But all that has changed now, and it can now be attained once more.

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