Monday, March 31, 2008

Felting in Western Australia

Today I primarily played with my Huskystar Embellisher. I went through a lot of scraps of felt that I had previously made and decided to do some collages with it. Samples of felt fared no better. I am still deliberating on some of them, laying them out to decide whether or not they need to have something added to them or not.

It has been very interesting reading other blogs from likeminded people. I have some blogs in my list of favourites and I shall continue to visit them now and again.

I have yet to work out how to post some pictures on the blog.....however, until that time, it will remain with script only.

Happy times everyone

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Iona Loyola said...

Hi Julie,
I agree I love to read and see others feltmaker's blogs...about to post a pics it is very simple. From your profile page, go to HOME( bottom of the page on your right), than you should see on your top left "NEW POST", from there on the top you will see some icons, I believe the second icon from your left is the one to press, doing this you will have a choice to upload pics from your computer... it sounds a lot but truly it is not... good luck!